Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 80
Today visitors: 13
Visitors (30 Days): 111
Total Residents: 64
Online Now: 2
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Region: Loc X: Loc Y:
Anango 10213 10154
Borked 6500 6500
Cerise Farms 10279 10260
City of Vonda 10281 10258
FreePort of Lydius 10219 10270
Home of Gor Grid 6000 6000
Inlet of Iron Walls 10235 10294
Issus River 01 10255 10246
Lake Ushindi West 10233 10200
Margin of Desolation 01 10281 10250
Olni River 01 10285 10256
Olni River 02 10283 10256
Olni River 03 10283 10258
Olni River 04 10283 10260
Olni River 05 10285 10260
Olni River 06 10285 10262
Olni River 07 10287 10262
Olni River 08 10287 10264
Olni River 09 10287 10266
Olni River 10 10289 10266
Olni River 11 10291 10266
Olni River 12 10293 10266
Olni River 13 10295 10266
Olni River 14 10295 10268
Olni River 15 10297 10268
Rence Marshes of Gor 1 10223 10242
Rence Marshes of Gor 2 10225 10242
Salerian Grasslands 10279 10256
Salerian Meadowlands 10281 10260
Salerian Plains 10281 10256
Salerian Prairie 10279 10258
Sardar 10287 10278
Sardar Fair 10287 10276
Thentis 10297 10270
Village of Turmus 10247 10248
Vosk River 01 10223 10240
Vosk River 02 10225 10240
Vosk River 03 10227 10240
Vosk River 04 10229 10240
Vosk River 05 10231 10240
Vosk River 06 10231 10242
Vosk River 07 10233 10242
Vosk River 08 10235 10242
Vosk River 09 10235 10244
Vosk River 10 10237 10244
Vosk River 11 10239 10244
Vosk River 12 10241 10244
Vosk River 13 10241 10246
Vosk River 14 10243 10246
Vosk River 15 10245 10246
Vosk River 16 10247 10246
Vosk River 17 10249 10246
Vosk River 18 10251 10246
Vosk River 19 10253 10246
Vosk River 20 10255 10248
Vosk River 21 10257 10248
Vosk River 22 10259 10248
Vosk River 23 10261 10248
Vosk River 24 10263 10248
Vosk River 25 10263 10250
Vosk River 26 10265 10250
Vosk River 27 10267 10250
Vosk River 28 10269 10250
Vosk River 29 10271 10250
Vosk River 30 10271 10252
Vosk River 31 10273 10252
Vosk River 32 10275 10252
Vosk River 33 10277 10252
Vosk River 34 10277 10250
Vosk River 35 10279 10250
Vosk River 36 10281 10252
Vosk River 37 10283 10252
Vosk River 38 10285 10254
Vosk River 39 10285 10252
Vosk River 40 10287 10252
Vosk River 41 10289 10252
Vosk River 42 10291 10252
Vosk River 43 10293 10252
Vosk River 44 10293 10254
Vosk River 45 10295 10254

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To cancel your monthly Region Rental please use the button below.

Once a subscription has been canceled you will have use of the region till the last day of the cancellation month at 12 PM grid time.


Pay Your Monthly Rent


Please use the Pay Per Month Rent using your PayPal address you used to when you

requested your region.  If any details have changed to the payment amount of your rent or PayPal

email account please email Darri Cerise at payments @ with the details.

Thank you.


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Region Rental 


Do you want to have your own lands in Gor? Or do you want to start your own city? 

Renting regions is available here in Gor Grid. 

On Gor Grid, all our region sizes are 512X512 if you from SL that is four times larger than an SL Sim.

You can rent a region to start your own city, village, or private region.

Rental rates are $10.00 CAD per 10,000 prims.


There are a few requirements for renting a region on Gor Grid.

1.  All Regions Must Be Gorean in Nature.  No Non-Gorean regions are allowed on Gor Grid.

2. You must be a registered user with an OpenSim User Account.

3. You have to fill out the Region Request Form.

4. You have to pick your PayPal Payment type either pay by the month or by a rental subscription.

5. By filling out the Regions Request Form and paying for the first month's rent you are agreeing to pay

   the monthly fee by the 10th of every month. Payments have to be made via the Monthly PayPal Rent Payment Page

   or by signing up for the Monthly Rental Payment Subscription. 

   Rent Non-Payment by the 10th of the month can result in your region being taken offline without notice.

6. If you have an issue paying your rent or requesting a new region please contact Darri Cerise at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Your region will be set up within 24 hours of payment receipt.



 Region Request Form 



  Once you have submitted your Region Request form you have to choose a method of payment.

All forms of payment is by PayPal.

Your region will be set up within 24 hours of the first month's rent payment receipt.


PayPal Pay By the Month Rent:

Pay Per Month Rent

Note: Once you Add to Cart you can choose the quantity to pay for more than one month at checkout.


PayPal Pay with a monthly Subscription:

Monthly Rent Payment Subscription:

Welcome to the Gor Grid!


We are a group of people that came together as a “Community” to make our World as it was written in the books of John Norman’s Gor.  Our “Community” is based on the three pillars of Gorean society HomeStone, Caste, and Slavery, also about Honor and Respect.  Through the Three Pillars, Honor, and Respect, we want to share in your experience of Gor the way John Norman penned in his books. Whether you are a Gorean Lifestylist or a Gorean Role player if you want to live as it is in the World of Gor then this is the world for you.


Hypergrid Address:


For more information please contact support @ gorgrid ca 


Please publish modules in offcanvas position.