Welcome to The Gor Grid

To be sure, the Land of Gor is a harsh and unforgiving place...

...however, one learns all too soon that this is a world that is filled with Honour, Truth, Dignity, Respect, Honesty, Loyalty, and yes: Love!

Gor Grid is currently: Online
Total Regions: 422
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Total Residents: 502

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By the Book Roleplay

We pride ourselves on quality 'by the book' roleplay and immersive storylines that will keep you coming back for more.

Affordable Regions

From just CA$10 (US$7.50) for 10,000 prims on a 512x512M sim.  (262,144M²) 
Why stop at just one?

and Learning

By Teaching, we Learn.


Shop FREE content, from avatars, clothing, and animations to furniture, and buildings in Gor Grid as well as in the Metaverse.

Interconnected regions

Once you enter The Gor Grid, you can ride, walk, sail, or fly by tarn between all locations without the need for a single teleport!

Extensive Farm System

The most impressively extensive region-specific Gorean themed Farming system in all the virtual worlds.

International Community

At the Gor Grid, we welcome and embrace people from all cultures, and communities throughout the globe.

Custom Built Battle Meter

Gor Grid's own combat system that works across ALL regions, to allow combat at any location in, and between, any city.

Gor Grid'sinterconnectedcityvillagetribalislandroadriverlakeThassaregions

Gor Grid's regions...

Interconnected Regions*
Road and Byway Regions*
Gorean Cities, Villages and Landmarks*
Sailable River and Lake Regions*
Inhabitable Island Regions*
Sailable Ocean Regions*
* At this time, we are upgrading one of the Gor Grid servers.
A number of regions have been taken offline as a result
and will be reinstated when the upgrade is complete.

Come and visitTorvaldslandThe Voltaithe Vosk Riverthe Vosk Delkathe Schendi Junglethe Turia Plainsthe TahariYou'll LOVE it!

  • We have divided the Gor Grid into six geographic regions so you can see which region each of the locations belongs in.
  • Coming soon: You will be able to click on one of the six images opposite to learn about that region and the places you can find there.


Gor's Frozen North


The Eastern Vosk River and Delka


Gateway to the Ar of the South


Rich Ores and Blackwine


Here you shall find Glorious Ar !


Salt and Kaiila aplenty

Places in Gor

A selection of some of the locations in the Gor Grid

Who  We  Are

Gor Grid is a collaboration of all the people in our community.
Near and Far - Present and Past - they are what has made us who we are!
Darri Cerise
Darri CeriseCo-Owner
Torm Rencer
Torm RencerCo-Owner
Astorette Novi
Astorette NoviTorm's companion
Zed Avoch & Aphris Magic
Zed Avoch & Aphris MagicLandscaping Rim and Recruiting
Pat Devinna
Pat DevinnaLandscaping Var & Rim
Meral Wood
Meral WoodLandscaping Vask
Sassy and Cinnia
Sassy and CinniaGG Welcome Centre
Ange Cerise
Ange CeriseMarketplaces
Tarn Torvald & Jade Blu
Tarn Torvald & Jade BluGorean Farms
Kazuka Mirei
Kazuka MireiGor Grid Battle Meter
House of Torm
House of TormTorm's beasts
ALL of US !
ALL of US !Everyone has a hand in what we do in our Gor Grid
Gor Grid reviews

They said THAT!

People who have visited the Gor Grid have had many things to say about their experience... Here are a few of their comments:
“I loved all the kajirae.”
“I had a very cool experience working at unknown place.”
“I found the thralls at Lara to be very refreshing. They served me well, to be sure!"
“I had a very cool experience working at unknown place.”